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Every skin is unique. Just like Sol Feliz. Be natural. Be Feliz.

Every skin tells a story. What is yours? Your skin is your one and only.


Finally a sun cream that dosn’t feel sticky on the skin! Applies and spreads out easily. Doesn’t leave white marks. Good value! The pump container is excellent. (translated).

This is the best sunscreen I ever had. So easy and efficient to spread out, and non greasy. Ideal for my rosacea. (translated).

Very happy about it […] – compared to standard sunscreens – […] the rapid absorption without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. […] My husband has really sensitive skin and many products often cause allergic skin reactions. He used Sol Feliz without any problems. I can only recommend the cream (translated).

Pleasant and neutral scent. The container is also kept simple and little boasting. Many thanks to the vendor who absolutely stands behind his product and actively seeks contact to his customers (translated).

Charlotte, Amazon customer

I am thrilled and will also use Sol Feliz for the body in the upcoming summer. I had been looking for a facial sunscreen (winter). All the sunscreens I have tried until now have been greasy, heavy or sticky. Sol Feliz is entirely different, a super product: The cream absorbs fastly, leaves no white residue, the skin simply feels cared, and the level of protection is good (translated).

Love it. It does what it should. Absorbs super fast, doesn’t spread into the eyes and the skin feels excellent. I clearly recommend buying it! Sol Feliz [is] excellent: I have finally got around to testing the sunscreen under “real” conditions (translated).

Absorbs super fast. I am amazed there is no “sticky” feeling which I normally get and actually expected. Spreads out really well on the skin. Even sunscreens recommended by my pharmacist often caused skin reactions like itchy and and red skin. I have really sensitive skin an am absolutely satisfied. (translated)

I am absolutely thrilled. I am always very critical with sunscreen because the greasy feeling on the skin causes unease for me. The consistency is perfect. It is non-oily and gets absorbed super fast. Just feels easy on the skin like a caring lotion. Absolutely recommend it. (translated)

Super pleasant texture and veeeery rich cream that spreads out easily! Really made our day in the mountains! I was in Tirole with a hiking group and shared the cream with the other people. They quickly put back their own discount sunscreen into their backpack. (translated).

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people all over Europe have been made happy by sunscreens from our development team since 2016. Where special quality was required. Join in!

33 reasons why Sol Feliz is the ideal sunscreen for your skin

Our formula expert has made over 200,000 people happy. They have begun loving sunscreen!

FAQs – and answers

Sunscreen is essential. It protects us from sunburn and skin ageing leading all the way to skin cancer.
Sol Feliz has developed the ambition to unite best dermatological properties with sunscreen. In a premium formula that makes you happy. That cares and protects. That you don’t even notice. As affordable quality.
For finally having fun with sunscreen!

Why is Sol Feliz doing that? (GERMAN)

Using Sol Feliz, you will receive as much product as possible for as lillte money as possible. To make Sol Feliz affordable for everyone. This especially applies for Brazil: There, UV radiation is twice to three times as string as in Europe. Sol Feliz supports projects fighting skin cancer in Brazil. Automatically with each product sold. But also by launching a specific sun care edition for Brazil: A no frills body sunscreen Sol Feliz ELEGANCE, from the end of 2017 on.

More information coming up soon.

Make your first step. Become natural with Sol Feliz. Just like all thrilled customers who have finally found their sunscreen.
And never want to change back.