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Sicher Dir die beste Sonnencreme, die Du je hattest
Sol Feliz SPF 50
Sol Feliz - SPF 50
Sol Feliz SPF 30
Sol Feliz - SPF 30
Your skin is unique, just like you. And just like Sol Feliz. Be natural. Be Feliz.
Your skin is unique, just like you. And just like Sol Feliz. Be natural. Be Feliz.
  • Sol Feliz -
  • Dermatological sun cream
  • Dermatological quality
  • Highest UVA protection
  • Amazing sensory touch
  • Luxury made easy

Our goal at Sol Feliz is to unite the best dermatological properties in one sunscreen. In a premium formula that will bring you pleasure. That protects your skin and cares for you. That you don’t even notice. Affordable and high quality. To finally make it a pleasure to use sunscreen!

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  • customers say about Sol Feliz!
  • Endlich mal eine Sonnencreme...

    ...die sich nicht klebrig auf der Haut anfühlt! Lässt sich gut auftragen. Hinterlässt keine weißen Rückstände. Gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Der Pumpspender ist super.

    J.M.H., Amazon-Kunde
  • Das ist die beste Sonnencreme...

    ...die ich bisher hatte. Sehr leicht und sparsam zu verteilen und nicht fettig. Für meine Rosacea ideal.

    Luna, Amazon-Kunde
  • Sehr zufrieden... Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Produkten […] ist das schnelle Einziehen ohne ein fettiges Gefühl auf der Haut zu hinterlassen. […] Mein Mann hat zudem eine sehr empfindliche Haut und reagiert auf viele Produkte allergisch. Sol Feliz hat er ohne jegliche Probleme vertragen. Ich kann die Creme nur weiterempfehlen.

    Karolin, Amazon-Kunde
  • Angenehmen und dezenten Duft

    Die Sonnencreme hat einen angenehmen dezenten Duft. Der Flacon ist ebenfalls sehr dezent und schlicht. Ein herzliches Dankeschön an den Verkäufer, der absolut hinter seinem Produkt steht und den Kontakt zum Kunden sucht.

    Charlotte, Amazon-Kunde
  • Super Produkt

    Alles was ich bislang versucht habe, war zäh, klebrig oder fettig. Anders Sol Feliz: Die Creme zieht schnell ein, hinterlässt keinen Film, die Haut fühlt sich einfach gepflegt an, der Sonnenschutz ist prima. Habe eine Sonnencreme für mein Gesicht (Winter) gesucht. Ich bin begeistert und werde Sol Feliz im Sommer auch für den Körper verwenden.

    Barbara, Amazon-Kunde
  • Sol Feliz, top

    Sol Feliz [ist] Top: Habe die Sonnencreme jetzt unter „echten“ Bedingungen getestet. Hat mir gefallen, tut was sie soll. Zieht gut ein, krabbelt nicht in die Augen und die Haut fühlt sich gut an. Klare Kaufempfehlung!

    Ursel, Amazon-Kunde
  • Vollkommen überzeugt

    Selbst auf Empfehlung der Apotheke bekomme ich oft Reaktionen wie Juckreiz und Rötungen. Habe sehr empfindliche Haut und bin vollkommen überzeugt. Zieht super schnell ein. Das „Klebegefühl“ bleibt zu meiner Verwunderung aus, das ich sonst hatte. Lässt sich sehr gut auf der Haut verteilen.

    Florian, Amazon-Kunde
  • Bin total begeistert

    Bin bei Sonnencreme immer sehr kritisch, da das fettige Gefühl auf der Haut mir nicht behagt. Die Konsistenz ist perfekt. Fettet nicht und zieht super schnell ein. Man spürt kein Unbehagen. Fühlt sich auf der Haut an wie eine Pflegelotion. Meine volle Empfehlung.

    Peter, Amazon-Kunde
  • Super angenehme Textur und seeehr ergiebig!

    Hat sich echt bewährt in den Bergen! Ich war in den Bergen in Tirol mit einer Wandergruppe unterwegs und habe die Creme mit der Gruppe geteilt. Die DM-Creme ist schnell wieder in den Taschen verschwunden.

    Katrin, Facebook-Nutzer
  • Sol Feliz -
  • Your new answer to all your challenges
  • balanced system of organic and mineral filtres
  • takes care of and protects even sensitive skin
  • rapid absorption
  • daily use for face and body

In particular demanding customers love Sol Feliz. Sol Feliz has been developed for allergic skin and for the facial area. Your perfect sunscreen for your daily routine due to Sol Feliz' pleasantly neautral scent. You can also apply Sol Feliz on your body. With Sol Feliz you get much more value than in your pharmacy. Because Sol Feliz by and large refrains from marketing.

Lichtschutzfaktor 30 oder 50? Du hast die Wahl
Your skin is unique, just like you. And just like Sol Feliz. Be natural. Be Feliz.
Dermatologically Feliz

Dermatological development. Hypoallergenic. Cares and nourishes. Highest standards. Produced in Germany. Best value.

Effectively prevent ageing

5 star anti ageing UVA protection. Against photo allergy and irritations. UVA/UVB broad band filtre. Long-term stable. Independent formula by expert. Also for children.

Sensitive treat

High class texture. Dry Touch. Simple dosage control. For sensitive skin and people suffering from allergies. Water proof. For daily facial use. Ideal basis for make-up.

Light luxury

Like a lotion. Ultra light. Fast absorption. For a feeling of pure skin. For free pores. For silky luxury. For natural beauty.

Do your skin a favour: With the dermatological sunscreem by Sol Feliz.
Try Sol Feliz now!
You have specific questions? Find your answer here in the FAQs.

enthusiastic customers have been made feliz alone in the first year. Our development expert is independent and highly respected across Europe. Your skin and its unique requirements will benefit directly – without financing marketing costs along the way.

Jetzt Sol Feliz ausprobieren!

Also in 2021, a number sunscreen winners will be proclaimed. So how will you find the best sunscreen?

This year, again, many tests will proclaim many different versions of best sunscreen 2021. You will find a lot of info on various best “sun creams of the year” in the paper, in blogs, in beauty forums and in beauty magazines; mostly for SPF 30 and SPF 50. But why does everyone proclaim a differnt winner? When it comes to the best sunscreen of the year, everyone has their own preferences and test methods. So it’s best to test for yourself what you think is the best sunscreen for 2021. But what should you use as a guide?

Which sunscreen do you need? The winner of the test?

If your only concern with sunscreen is to avoid sunburn, then test winners are a good guide. But do you want to feel comfortable with sunscreen and enjoy using it? You can achieve this by finding a sunscreen that simply pleases you: from the well-groomed feeling on your skin – better than without having applied sunscreen – to the technical properties of your sunscreen. Because the truth is that most people don’t use sunscreen very often and many people despise it. Because the test winners sometimes feel unpleasantly sticky on the skin; because sensitive skin reacts; or because you simply haven’t yet found the best sun cream for yourself. How come? Often, manufacturers know the test criteria for the most relevant test of the country. Therefore, a sunscreen is often developed with the sole aim of scoring well in the test. So in the formulation, the manufacturers often think less about you and your skin’s needs than about needs of scoring well in the test.

Dermatological: Why the best sunscreen always has high UVA protection

Sun cream doesn’t just help avoiding sunburn. At the same time, it has an anti-aging effect. So by chosing the right sunscreen, you can effectively protect your skin from ageing. Mainly responsible for skin ageing are UVA rays. However, the sun protection factor (SPF) only states the protection against UVB rays. Therefore, the best sunscreen automatically offers very high UVA protection. If this is the case, then your sunscreen does more than preventing sunburn; your skin will also age less and appear young for a longer time. Your skin will retain its natural appearance and elasticity over time. Also, through UVA protection less air-reactive oxygen and radicals will be formed: This pleays a decisive role in preventing skin cancer. And since prevention is always more effective than regeneration, you should always choose a sunscreen with high UVA protection. Do try finding out; even if you notice that some manufacturers try hiding the UVA protection factor from you; because in the EU and Great Britan, the UVA protection factor only has to be 1/3 of the sun protection factor. So with SPF 30, it’s a minimum 10 as FP-UVA, with SPF 50 it’s a minimum FP-UVA of 16.6. But especially when using sunscreen on your face, sunscreen with high UVA protection makes a big difference. And here Sol Feliz is your best choice: Because Sol Feliz SPF 30 reahces an FP-UVA of 23.5 and Sol Feliz SPF 50 reaches an FP-UVA of 31.5. Twice as good as the standard.

How the FP-UVA in a sunscreen prevents allergies and keeps sensitive skin young

Young and well-groomed skin is the desire of many a person. You especially expose the sensitive skin of your face to the sun. Some people are affected by allergies. If your sunscreen does not portray a high UVA protection factor, allergies can quickly occur: These are often caused by a high dose of UVA rays on a part of skin that is not used to the sun: It appears as a type of acne. But even under normal circumstances you can pick up allergies just from the sunscreen: If you are affected by acne, rosacea (rosacea) or malassezia, then it is a special challenge to find the best sun cream for yourself. In this case, UVA protection is not the decisive factor.

The influence of the formula on your allergic reactions

In very rare cases you may be allergic to a certain ingredient. But as is often the case, with sunscreen it’s the dose that counts. The lower the dose of an individual ingredient, the more balanced the formula. And in order to provide you with an ideal experience, Sol Feliz works with a much higher number of ingredients than a usual sunscreen would – but each ingredient is concentrated at a very low level. This improves the suitability for sensitive and allergic skin and optimises the comfortable feeling on your skin. That’s why Sol Feliz is especially popular with demanding customers that have challenging skin conditions such as rosacea, acne or allergies; because unlike the sunscreen in your pharmacy, Sol Feliz is really affordable. As you can see, at Sol Feliz we have worked with independent experts and dermatologists to ensure that the secrets of a good sunscreen are available to you at an affordable price. The formula not only comes from an expert: it’s also dermatological – and affordable.

And that is the reason why Sol Feliz advanced to becoming Amazon Germany’s best sun cream in its first year: Thousands of enthusiastic customers and a multitude of exceptional reviews (ratings). Some very touching to me as the founder of Sol Feliz. Take part and also be touched by Sol Feliz! You will be thrilled. Yes, now it has become possible to enjoy using sunscreen: With Sol Feliz.

You have got further questions? Please check our FAQ.

What makes a sun cream <best> for you?

Judge by how it feels on your skin and how comfortable it is to wear, while also taking into account the technical properties of the formula.

1) How does the sunscreen feel on your skin and what level of comfort does it offer?

Does your sun cream feel fantastic on your skin? Are you at easy to combine your sunscreen with your cosmetics? This makes you like to use sunscreen, even all year round, as part of your daily routine? Congratulations: In terms of comfort and usability, you’ve probably already found the best sunscreen for yourself: Your skin feels cared for. Your sunscreen absorbs quickly. Your skin is non-sticky and non-glossy. Your sunscreen leaves no white marks. In brief: The best sunscreen for yourslf spreads out ideally on your skin, your skin feels nice and you enjoy using your sunscreen.

2) What is the best sunscreen composed of technically?

Of course, you don’t just want to avoid sunburn. You also want to treat your skin to something. Because good dermatological properties also depend on the ingredients: Experts say: It doesn’t just depend on which ingredients are in your cream, but also how concentrated they are. Octycrylene, for example, is a very effective filter. However, it is important to make sure that its concentration is kept very low. Parabens in particular have been frowned upon. Therefore, many customers wish sunscreen without parabens. That is why our independent expert has created Sol Feliz without parabens. However, it is legally tricky to advertise this, as parabens have not been proven to be harmful. For dermatological reasons, you should also make sure that your sunscreen is alcohol-free. Alcohol is very often contained in aerosol sprays. Even if your skin feels “clean”, alcohol attacks the natural protective layer of the skin (the sebum). No expert or dermatologist will advise you to do this.

That’s why Sol Feliz has been developed by an independent, European expert in sun protection; together with dermatologists. Using Sol Feliz, you will feel that it is composed of a very well-balanced combination of mineral and organic filters. Sol Feliz consists of a long-term stable formula that offers protection in a broad UV spectrum. Because besides standard protection against sunburn, protection against harmful UVA rays is especially important.

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